I am...

...among other things a musician, a technologist, and a tinkerer. I studied computer engineering and music at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, as well as Music Technology at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology in Atlanta, GA.

As a musician – I studied saxophone with Greg Banaszak, and have played for artists such as Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo, Velvet Brown, Bill Dobbins, and George Weremchuck among others. I've had the pleasure of playing as a soloist and in chamber groups internationally in Germany, the Netherlands, and Finland. I directed all-male a cappella ensembles for multiple years, arranging dozens of pop and contemporary songs.

As a technologist – I work by day as a cloud engineer, designing and implementing microservices providing software experiences for connected products. I primarily write in golang and python, but pride myself in being as polyglot as possible. I have experience writing server, web frontend, desktop frontend, embedded, motor control, and DSP code.

As a tinkerer – I delight in the bodge, and feel at home at hackathons. While by no means an electrician, I enjoy combining sensors and materials, bringing my creations to life with  code. My work spaces are cluttered with components and computing machines.